Top 10 Best Security Plugins for WordPress

WordPress 2.9.2 is the latest version release with the simple point to improve its flexibility and security. If you have untrusted authors logging into your blog may lead to trash of your articles, your are recommended to use the latest WordPress 2.9.2.

WordPress is fully loaded with tons of Plugins that are making our job pretty easy. Here is our list of Top 10 Best Security Plugins for WordPress
best wordpress security plugins

WordPress Security Scan

Security scanner scans the WordPress installation for file/directory permissions, admin protection/security issues, recommends you the correct actions, and help in fixing the vulnerabilities. You can also download the plugin here

WordPress Semisecure Login

This increases the security of your WordPress login. This uses client-side MD5 encryption on password when the user log-ins. But many of the users neglect it, if they are using ForceSSL or AdminSSL. You can also download the plugin here.

Force SSL

This makes users to use the SSL connection (secure connection) to connect to your site. This redirects the requests of regular old http to request for new trusty http. You can also download the plugin here.

Admin SSL

This is another security plugin for the administrators in the WordPress. Its very helpful to protect the admin pages, posts, secured logins, supports all SSL setups and encrypted cookie content. This plugin is compatible on wordpress 2.3-2.7 versions only.You can also download the plugin here

Invisible Defender

This plugin protects the registration, login and comment forms from spambots by adding the 2 extra fields that were hidden by CSS(cascading style sheet). This shows the number of blocked spammers in your Dashboard. This is a anti-sypbot Plugin. You can also download the plugin here.

AskApache Password Protect

This protects the wp admin-directory, wp-includes, wp-content, plugins. This protects your Admin-panel with a powerful htaccess protection, preventing all spambots and unwanted users to access you site. It provides you the complete grip over your site. You can also download the plugin here.

WordPress Database Backup

This is the first plugin that you have to install upon your first installation. This allows you to easily backup your wp-database core tables. You can also save the other tables on the same database. The content can be backedup at your HDD, email, domain space. You can restore the entire database with the same greatness if it is accidentally deleted or deleted by other hackers. This is the must have Plugin for your wordpress. You can also download the plugin here.

Secure WordPress

This helps in securing you WordPress-Installation, and removes the error information from your login pages, forums, adds index.html to plugin directory, removes wp-version except in admin-panel. You can download the plugin here.

Login Lockdown

This records the ip address and time-stamp of every failed login. If certain login failure attempts were made from same IP range in certain period of time, it will disable all the requests from that range. You can also download the plugin here.

WordPress File Monitor

Monitors your WordPress installation for editing/adding/deleting files. When one of the 3 functions is performed the email alert is sent to certain specified address. It has ability to record the time-stamp of one of the above 3 modifications. You can also download the plugin here.

  1. ESN says:

    Great list! Password protecting your wp-admin via htaccess is also a good security measure. I think there is a plugin to do that, but I am not 100% sure.

    • Ed says:

      Yep BulletProof Security adds an htaccess file to the wp-admin folder with one-click.

  2. Great list check out my top 10 usefull wordpress plugins

  3. G13 says:

    now thats a nice list of plugins, i’ll have to check a few of these security plugins out. thanks

  4. Looks like wordpress is a bigger target than ever. So these are useful for every blog owner

  5. Craig says:

    Agree that WordPress being one of the market leaders, these plugins for security are invaluable, Thanks for the list!

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